I started Pilates on the recommendation from multiple Physiotherapists to help strengthen my core after years of significant lower back pain. Whilst I ended up having spinal surgery, I found Pilates and more specifically Helen, to be essential both pre and post-surgery. The level of support and professionalism that Helen has provided has been crucial to my recovery and ongoing strength training, while in a fun environment. I’ll definitely be continuing Pilates to help avoid any future surgery!

- Lauren, Ponsonby

I had a bad back and some deteriorating joints, making movement painful. I started at True Pilates having private lessons. I am strong but my posture and muscle condition needed help.
With my one on one lessons and my personalised program, I improved and maintained better health for a couple more years. However my arthritis and scoliosis was too severe and I had major back surgery and a knee replacement.
After recovery, I went straight back to True Pilates as I knew it is a good way to regain length and strengthen my core muscles. Using the apparatus, especially the Reformer and Cadillac gave me the support I needed. I could make adjustments to areas on my body to help move more evenly. My instructors eye on me told me where I needed to make adjustments to my body as I moved.
I usually finish a session in front of the ceiling to floor mirror standing to help correct my posture and length, then take a short walk to the mirror for any corrections to my gate if needed.
I've come a long way and some to go!

- June, St Marys Bay

True Pilates have helped me regain a more pain free and mobile body. I’m doing activities I thought I’d not be able to do again. The studio is very well equipped, the environment relaxed, instructors are well trained and knowledgeable and if you get your timings right, the sun streams in through the bay windows while on the reformer. A special thanks to Rose for finding my weaknesses, and building the strength needed to overcome my injuries.

- Tim, Auckland

I was recommended to True Pilates by a friend who had made massive improvements and significant progress in their general well being and core strength.

My instructor Lisa has helped me just as much and I'm now feeling more confident in my core strength and flexibility. Lisa makes me feel very comfortable, her instruction is clear and she works within some of my constraints. Shes also a fun and caring person which makes my sessions even more enjoyable.

If you are considering Pilates for the first time or looking for a fresh and innovative approach, I highly recommend Lisa at True Pilates in Grey Lynn.

- Andy (47 years old), Auckland

I have only been doing Pilates for a couple of months and I can already feel the long term benefits. My strength has improved considerably and my flexibility is better than I thought possible. I can highly recommend True Pilates, the instructors are fantastic and the atmosphere is very welcoming.

- Emma, Auckland

I've found Pilates to be an essential part of my life thanks to True Pilates. After years of back pain and alignment issues Pilates has helped my body change, strengthen and I am now more conscious of how my body should work, alleviating years of poor body balance. The team at True Pilates have always been super welcoming and attentive, ensuring classes are challenging, appropriate to my needs and fun! Thanks to my instructor Rose and the whole team at True Pilates... I am fitter and stronger today then I have ever been.

- Jo, Auckland

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